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NYC Fire Sprinkler System Inspections


Chase Fire performs monthly routine inspections and testing to fulfill the FDNY and Insurance Company fire code requirements, and most importantly to ensure your safety.

How often do sprinkler systems need to be inspected in NY?

FDNY requires monthly fire sprinkler system testing for office buildings and mixed-use buildings. Some landlords also require this even if the FDNY doesn’t require it for insurance purposes.

FDNY requires Annual Inspections in all cases where Monthly requirements are not in effect. It is also best to avoid issues with pipes and flow to have these inspections more regularly.

Fire safety is a critical aspect of building maintenance, and a crucial component of this is regular inspection and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. In New York, where fire safety regulations are stringent, fire sprinkler inspections play a vital role in ensuring the safety of occupants and compliance with local codes and standards. In this article, we will delve into the frequency and importance of fire sprinkler inspections in New York, highlighting the key aspects that building owners and managers need to be aware of.

  1. Understanding the Regulations:

In New York, fire sprinkler systems are regulated by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and various local fire departments across the state. Building owners and managers must adhere to both state and local requirements regarding fire sprinkler inspections. These regulations outline the frequency, scope, and qualifications for inspections, ensuring that buildings are adequately protected from potential fire hazards.

  1. Frequency of Inspections:

The frequency of fire sprinkler inspections in New York depends on several factors, including the type of occupancy, size of the building, and the fire protection systems installed. Generally, fire sprinkler systems should be inspected at least once a year

How much does a sprinkler inspection cost in NYC?

The general range in pricing starts with the size of the fire sprinkler system. Generally an office monthly fire sprinkler system inspection starts at $250 and goes up to $1000 based on the office size and testing time needed.

Are fire sprinklers required in NYC?

Office buildings are required to have fire sprinklers by the FDNY. If you’re not sure, check with your insurance provider and check your building designation.

When are sprinkler inspections conducted?

Sprinkler Inspections are done by certified Fire sprinkler system companies in NY and by the FDNY throughout the construction and lifetime of your system.

Department inspections are required at various stages of completion, as well as at the final completion. Based on the project scope of work, the following sprinkler inspections may be required:

  • Rough-in inspection: This inspection is typically conducted when the sprinkler system’s piping and hangers are installed but before any ceiling or wall finishes are applied. Its purpose is to ensure that the system is installed correctly and meets the necessary standards.
  • Final inspection: This inspection takes place when the sprinkler system installation is complete and ready for operation. It includes testing the system to ensure it functions properly and meets all safety requirements.
  • The special inspector shall witness all required tests, both hydrostatic and flow tests, and ensure the submission of Form FP 85 to FDNY.


Let us help you keep your building up to code. Our inspectors, who hold S-12 Sprinkler and S-13 Standpipe Certificates of Fitness, perform regular inspections to help identify any issues before they become out of hand and expensive. Following the inspection, the results, observations, and deficiencies are reviewed by our in-house inspection manager. If any impairments are found, we will notify you to explain our recommendations to correct them quickly and thoroughly.

Test. Hydrostatic, flow, alarm, Dry Pipe Valve, Booster Pump


Finishes. Painting, escutcheons, signage, labeling, chaining of valves, central station monitor assigned


Who is permitted to perform FDNY sprinkler inspections and flow tests?

Certified and insured Fire Sprinkler companies can be found on the list of approved Fire Alarm Companies that the FDNY updates.

What are NFPA25 Inspections?

Provided by the National Fire Protection Agency: The national standard for inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems. NFPA25 went into effect January 1, 2012 and includes several tests and inspections that building owners must perform on a regular basis.

Local Law 26

We can help your building with Local Law 26 compliance. We have experience designing and retroactively installing fire sprinkler systems in a number of office buildings throughout NYC.


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