For over 15 Years, Chase Fire has been servicing fire extinguishers for thousands of New Jersey businesses, residencies, and municipalities. For many business owners, multi-home residential landlords, and government business, servicing your fire extinguisher yearly is not just part of the local New Jersey fire-code, but also your insurance requirements. 


Choosing the best Fire Extinguisher and Fire Protection company in the state of New Jersey is easy with Chase Fire. We have the knowledge and experience to help you stay compliant with New Jersey fire codes for your business, residence, outdoor event, or municipality.


What does an annual fire extinguisher inspection service include?

Fire extinguisher inspections in New Jersey are required yearly by state and county fire marshalls for business, commercial space, and multi-family residences. A fire extinguisher inspection is to certify that the portable fire extinguisher meets the requirements of pressure, fill, and no visible aging. A certified and insured fire protection technician will make sure the hose is not blocked, make sure there is adequate pressure, inspect the fire extinguisher for damage and make sure that the extinguisher is still full. The fire extinguisher inspection tag from a licensed fire extinguisher protection company will certify that it has been inspected within the year and month it was dated. Monthly inspections can be done on your own to ensure working pressure and fill in the event of a fire. If a fire extinguisher does not meet minimum requirements for inspection then it may need to be serviced by hydrostatic recharging and refilling. The average life expectancy for a fire extinguisher is 6-12 years with most extinguishers carrying a warranty for at least 6 years.

How do you find a certified and insured New Jersey fire extinguisher company? 

Chase Fire has been inspecting, servicing, and selling fire extinguishers in New Jersey since 2008. If you are looking for a fully certified and insured Fire Protection business to service, purchase, or rent fire extinguishers from then call us today at 1-201-297-1717. Chase Fire proudly services fire extinguishers for everyone with no job too big or small.


Which emergency service do I need if my fire extinguisher inspection expires and the insurance company or fire marshall closes my business?

If this happens. You must contact a certified and insured fire protection company like Chase Fire. Keeping current with your portable fire extinguisher tags in New Jersey is a requirement for avoiding lapses in insurance and fire safety inspection fines that can shut down your business.


Are fire extinguisher inspections mandatory every year in New Jersey?

Yes. You must keep current with your fire extinguisher inspections every 12-months. Failure to do so can result in lapses in insurance, fire marshall fines, and forced business closure. Using a licensed and insured fire protection company like Chase Fire will setup follow-up fire extinguisher inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.


What are the fire extinguisher inspection and Fire Extinguisher maintenance requirements in New Jersey?

Fire extinguisher maintenance is part of your yearly duties when inspecting an extinguisher when there is something wrong with it. Serving your fire extinguisher includes testing it, checking the pressure, refilling, and cleaning it when necessary. allow for us to check on the status of a fire extinguisher and its maintenance requirements. a fire extinguisher usually lasts between 6 to 12 years and usually includes a warranty.

character 2Where can you buy or rent fire extinguishers in New Jersey?

Chase Fire sells, rents, services, and inspects fire extinguishers in NJ.

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