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Insurance Violation Removal

Fire Code Violation Removal

Chase Fire removes violations same-day. Contact us right away 24/7/365 and we can dispatch a certified, licensed and insured fire safety technician to remedy all types of fire violations for your business or residential property.

Mandatory Fire Safety for Homes & Businesses

Multifamily homes are required to have smoke detectors, CO detectors and boiler room fire extinguishers. The advantage to buying a commercial fire extinguisher over a cheapo one: commercial fire extinguishers are refillable and save you money in the long run.

Certified, Licensed & Insured

Every fire tech at Chase Fire Products is FDNY-certified, properly licensed and insured in New York, New Jersey, Suffolk, and Nassau County – Long Island. We provide prompt courteous service at reasonable rates. We take pride in all our techs Certification of Fitness from the FDNY.

Call Chase Fire for Insurance Violation Removal

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Common Reasons for Residential Fire Violations

There are many reasons one might get an insurance fire code violation on a multifamily home or dwelling. It’s crucial to take care of a violation quickly and obtain a certificate of fitness after meeting fire code compliance.

Chase Fire Products works directly with building management companies, property managers, landlords, and government housing agencies to ensure proper fire code compliance—often having the Insurance Violation removed with same-day turnaround.

Resources for New York Fire Code:

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Common Reasons for Business Fire Violations

Businesses, warehouses, restaurants and construction sites are more heavily scrutinized for fire safety than a residence. It’s important that proper fire extinguishers are in place for the types of fires that may arise, proper signage is displayed, exit signs and lighting are clearly marked. If the FDNY tells you that you need fire extinguishers than it’s necessary before you face steep fines or have a lapse in Insurance coverage.

Allow Chase Fire to service your business so that you maintain fire code compliance and do not face insurance violations.

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