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Chase Fire is Open During Covid-19 Pandemic as an Essential Service

Deemed an essential business under New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order March 20, Chase Fire Services is open and actively servicing the fire-safety needs of commercial businesses as the state grapples through the harrowing COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6, “New York State on PAUSE,” defined 10 categories of essential business to remain open during the novel coronavirus pandemic, inclusive of businesses engaged in fire-prevention services. Under its terms, all businesses not falling under these 10 categories have been deemed nonessential and have shuttered in-office operations indefinitely effective 8pm, March 22.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) continues to enforce recent changes to the city’s fire code, issuing numbered tags and regularly inspecting businesses for compliance with its program. Chase Fire is licensed through the Fire Department to purchase FDNY-issued decals and inspect and maintain equipment per city and state standards. We are sending this bulletin to alert our community that we remain in operation and are currently working at commercial properties including construction sites, hospitals, care facilities, banks and other commercial buildings across the Tri-State area. 

“We are committed to the responsibility our essential business status carries and we’re dedicated to making sure our clients meet and exceed their fire safety confidence under the Fire Code. At the same time, we are taking measures to safe-guard our workforce with the personal equipment needed to protect them during the pandemic,” said Artem Perchenok, founder of Chase Fire Services. 

The Chase Fire Services family wishing good health and safety to you and yours in navigating these uncertain times. Please know that we remain stalwart in our commitment to providing timely fire-protection services to your business. 

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About Chase Fire®

Founded in 2006, Chase Fire® is certified in the Tri-State area for the sales and service of fire-safety products including portable fire extinguishers. Headquartered at 10-46 47th Avenue in Long Island City, New York, Chase Fire performs thousands of service calls annually within its designated markets for private enterprises, food establishments and government and municipal businesses. Chase Fire® is a distributor for major manufacturers of portable fire extinguisher equipment within the Tri-State area.

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